Who We Are

John Mitchell

Company Director

Mondo Media’s owner and bedrock for the talented team that is Mondo, John draws on over 30 years experience as an advertising writer and director to motivate his team to do creative, high quality work.

Starting out having a love affair with movies and parlaying that into a career in film marketing with Hoyts, he produced theatrical trailers, TV and radio commercials for some of the biggest films of the time. This led him to becoming Promo Director for various networks and companies such as 7, Ten & Beyond. He launched Mondo Media in 1996 to build a production team to cope with the increasing workload.

A combination of his passion for modern tech and his extensive experience inspires him to keep Mondo relevant in the evolving world of digital media.

Lucas Conway

Creative Director

Tired of chasing a music career, Lucas decided on film and went to AFTRS to learn more about editing. It was there the obsession with the cutting room began, spending all his time slicing together short films & music videos late at night.

He even cut a feature - a kung-fu epic that he’s reluctant to share the name of, but it made it to your local BlockBuster shelf.

In his previous role as a Post-Production Manager & Editor, he developed a cunning ability to write emails, manage a creative team and edit all at the same time without once putting down his coffee.

In late 2012, he took the bait at Mondo as an Editor and surely moved into a Producer role by 2014. In 2015, Lucas stepped in as Creative Director at Mondo. His creative vision drives the briefs, productions, strategies and solutions for Mondo’s client base for most things digital and leads to inspire the Mondo team to execute quality creativity.

Karly Joyce

Production Manager

Following her love of photography she fled the Central Coast as a teenager to study it at UTS before she moved to London to travel and explore the world.

After a couple years in the UK working in the Music Tech industry, she returned to Sydney and landed in the TV production world and hasn’t looked back since. With over 9 years at Mondo, Karly knows this company like the back of her hand. The Queen Bee. The Work Mum. The Organiser. If it’s managing accounts, co-ordinating film shoots or ensuring things run smoothly throughout the production process, she’s the ‘go to’ person for Mondo’s daily grind.

Morgan Brown

Producer & Editor

Morgan is originally from Akron, Ohio and after completing her Communications degree from Tennessee State University she followed her desire to explore and travel. This led her to Banff in Canada where she was the Senior Editor for the Banff Centre... that’s the Banff Centre that hosts the internationally renowned Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Morgan has worked as an Editor on a variety of projects from feature length dramas to short web documentaries but she is also a passionate Producer who is skilled at communicating creative ideas and telling great stories through film.

After 10 years of studying, exploring and gathering her own stories, Morgan has found her place with us at Mondo.

Mieka White


Mieka most recently has been managing community investment programs for large corporations and has used digital media to highlight these programs and their social impact.

About 10 years ago she began dedicating her time to enable positive social impact in the community. She has been a project and program manager in various community organisations.

She is an expert in producing impactful digital stories and enjoys helping large corporates plan, deliver and promote their community investment programs. With a strong background in marketing, PR, communications and social media, she produces engaging content for the digital and social media world.

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